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I offer expert support within my focus areas and consultation in choosing solution architecture and review current solutions. I have large experience in data warehouse solution development and can thus offer perspective on solution opportunities.

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I have many years of experience in application and database development. I have focused a lot of my work in development of data warehouse architectures and implementation of this.

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I have many years of teaching experience from different organizations. My courses are usually based on my daily work with tools, principles and processes, with a focus in practical usage.

My experience comes from presenting Microsoft Curriculum courses, as well as developing my own education concepts based on many years of daily working with tools and technologies.


Pegasus Park

A complete BI solution for a smaller company

Data Warehouses don’t have to be complicated. With a pragmatic starting point, I work with designs, often based on dimensional modelled data warehouses. I base it on Kimball’s ideas on data warehouse architecture.

To avoid explaining this abstractly, I work with the concept data warehouse “Pegasus Park”, which, with a minimum of data can display the principles I will base my work on.

“Pegasus Park” includes everything from a data source, over data consolidating, dimensional modelling and DataMart.

This means a teaching or demonstrations of data warehouse technologies never has a theoretical approach; you will experience a demo and hands-on opportunities.